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Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007

Here's a picture of the Family. Eva's Christening! Too bad I couldn't make it. I heard everyone in NY had a great time. Boy do I miss my family especially this time of year. Hope everyone is having a Happy and Healthy Holiday!
On the crochet front: I finished the round ripple baby blanket. It came out cute. There is a picture on ravelry YFRKERRIE.......... Haven't picked up the crocheted black cardigan in a while.
On the knitting front: Still have to finish the edging on the bamboo top. Already started my next project. I am no longer a knitting monogamist.
On the Yorkie front: We have some great small dogs (not all Yorkies) on so if you know anyone who is interested........HINT HINT HINT
On the Scuba front: Drove ALLLLLL the way to West Palm on Sunday and our dive was cancelled due to the waves being too high. Hopefully we will go to Crystal River this weekend and I will finally be certified (and have proof LOL).

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