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Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12, 2007

OK here are 3 more crocheted squares I finished for my Color Me Square Yahoo swap. This one is very thick with front post and back posts: This one looks cool but not as cool as the one above.

This one looks really cool with the white and black:

On the Yorkie Friends Rescue side: OMG there is a dog that looks just like my Oz and his name is Ozzie! I almost fell out of my chair!!! I'll post his picture tomorrow.
On the knitting front: Have about 4 more inches on my sleeveless shell to finish!!! Hopefully I will run out of pattern before running out of Bamboo yarn...LOL Maybe I'll have it ready to wear for Turkey day since it's a cool 78 degrees here in FLA! Then I can start my next project with sleeves!

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