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Monday, March 05, 2007

March 5 Kerrie

OK. You've seen pictures of the doggie so here are the kitties. The big one on the left is Dusty. He is the same age as Oz about 7 and the kitty on the right is Hess. Guess which gas station Hubby found him in? Hess adopted us right before Hurricane's Charlie, Ivan and Francis. They are too cute and Hess hasn't lost his kittenish ways. Good excercise for the big fat cat! They are both on our 3/4 wall between the kitchen and the dining room.
Went to the WDW Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon yesterday and boy am I sore! I haven't bowled in over 10 years. I won a prize! I got the piggy bank for having the lowest score! It gets donated every year. I am so proud! But I broke 100 and I was happy. Sore but happy! I didn't even mind missing my Knit Wit meet up.
Started NS food today. Doesn't taste bad! I liked the cheese tortalini I had for lunch and the chocolate pb bar for snack. I think I might be able to make my goal of 130 pounds by my birthday in 155 days. Wish me luck!

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