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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shamrock 2 Illusion Knitting

I hope you like the 2nd Shamrock Illusion Knitting. Here's the pattern:
Use worsted weight yarn

MC – White 2 rows
CC – Green 2 rows

CO 29 stitches (use any CO method you prefer, I used the long tail)

Row 1: Knit Across (29) (All Odd Rows are KNIT)
Row 2: Knit Across (29) (Do not cut color just change and carry)
Row 3: Knit Across (29) (All Odd Rows are KNIT)
Row 4: Purl Across (29)
Row 6: Knit Across (29)
Row 8: Purl Across (29)
Row 10: K13 P3 K13
Row 12: P13 K3 P13
Row 14: K13 P3 K13
Row 16: P13 K3 P13
Row 18: K13 P3 K13
Row 20: P13 K3 P13
Row 22: K7 P4 K2 P3 K2 P4 K7
Row 24: P7 K4 P2 K3 P2 K4 P7
Row 26: K6 P17 K6
Row 28: P6 K17 P6
Row 30: K5 P19 K5
Row 32: P5 K19 P5
Row 34: K4 P21 K4
Row 36: P4 K21 P4
Row 38: K4 P21 K4
Row 40: P4 K21 P4
Row 42: K5 P19 K5
Row 44: P5 K19 P5
Row 46: K4 P21 K4
Row 48: P4 K21 P4
Row 50: K4 P21 K4
Row 52: P4 K21 P4
Row 54: K5 P19 K5
Row 56: P5 K19 P5
Row 58: K6 P4 K1 P7 K1 P4 K6
Row 60: P6 K4 91 K7 P1 K4 P6
Row 62: K9 P11 K9
Row 64: P9 K11 P9
Row 66: K9 P11 K9
Row 68: P9 K11 P9
Row 70: K9 P11 K9
Row 72: P9 K11 P9
Row 74: K10 P9 K10
Row 76: P10 K9 P10
Row 78: K11 P3 K1 P3 K11
Row 80: P11 K3 P1 K3 P11
Row 82: Knit Across
Row 84: Purl Across
Row 86: Knit Across
Row 88: Purl Across
Row 90: Knit Across

Row 91: Knit Across (29) Bind off.

If you want to make a scarf make 2 sides and use the kitchner stitch to attach.


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