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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help Harley from Yorkie Friends Rescue.

This is so sad.............My name is Harley and I am about four years old and weigh just under four pounds. A nice lady found me running the streets and called Yorkie Friends Rescue to come and get me. I have just gotten home from four days in the hospital where the doctor said I have liver disease and abcessed teeth. My medical bills are already over $1,000. Could you please find it in your heart to help Yorkie Friends Rescue with my medical bills? I would really appreciate it. I am still very ill. Even though I am very small, I am very possessive of my foster mom. I should be in a home with no other pets. My new prospective owner should understand that I will require vet trips every two months and $35 worth of medication every month. My life expectancy is expected to be short. Please do not request to adopt me unless you are financially able to handle my medical bills and vet trips. If you would like to know more about me, you can contact my foster mom at My adoption fee is $75.00. Please check the website on how you can help donate money to Yorkie Friends Rescue.

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